10 Thing Why Choose Bali as Destination

It’s time to holiday! If you’re confuse where you’re ant to go. Some places have the unique thing and that make the tourist come there and spare that holiday.  Check this out and maybe you interest to spare your holiday in Bali.

  1. It has a little bit of everything

Bali is constantly voted the best island in the world. It is the dream destination for many, and the epitome of the tropical island idyll. Bali really does have it all, in its natural and spiritual beauty, as well as a sophisticated social scene for the less wild at heart.

There are the famous surfing beaches and indigo swells of the south, central tropical forests, temples and palaces of Ubud, rice paddies of Jatiluwih, as well as volcanoes, pristine diving and riotous river rafting to adventure and explore. Naturally, Bali is blessed with a cultural and natural landscape to captivate the most jaded of travelers.

batur 3

Its rich and diverse interpretation of Hinduism permeates every inch of the landscape, from offerings every morning, to the Nyepi day of silence that shuts the airport. This unique blend of Hinduism lies at the heart of Bali’s beauty paired with the smiling warm embrace of the people’s faces everyday. Artisans line the roads and scatter through the villages, carrying on the centuries old tradition of art and creation and producing some of the finest craftsmanship in the world.

  1. The unique and captivating culture

The Balinese culture has captivated the imagination of tourists since the early black and white films of Charlie Chaplin, made during his visit in the 1930’s. Things were a little more innocent then, and the women of Bali still walked around topless, actually making the island one of the first ‘sex tour’ destinations for colonials in search of a cheap thrill.

Today, the kebaya (a traditional lace blouse) may have been adopted but the ancient customs and religion are unchanged in a rapidly developing setting. Central to their religion is their philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, meaning ‘Living in harmony with God, among humans and with nature or environment.’

Hinduism came to Bali in the 5th Century but was ousted by Christianity and Islam, leaving Bali as the only Hindu island.

  1. Surf, sun and sea

Bali has been a Mecca for surfers since the 1970’s, with its world-class waves and perfect line-ups. From Uluwatu and Impossible in the Bukit, to Old Man’s Canggu and Balian’s break the entire island is a surfer’s paradise.

The first foreigners in Bali to surf the perfect breaks were GI’s and smatterings of tourists in the 1960’s. But the ‘discovery’ of Bali’s Uluwatu came when Australian Alby Falzon filmed Steve Cooney and Rusty Miller riding perfect peaks for the surf film Morning of the Earth. From there, a legend was born.

  1. The myriad of shopping options

Bali also happens to be a shopper’s paradise. The plethora of artists, artisans and handicrafts is overwhelming. Villages dotted across the island specialize in batik, baskets, silver, stonework, woodcarving and paintings. If you do not have time to tour the island then markets are always a glimpse into the soul of a place and there are plenty available to scour for bargains.

Ubud market is probably one of the most popular with travelers as it’s in the middle of town. Recently renovated, it is clean and new but has now lost a little of its rambling charm and the influx of tour buses has driven prices up. It’s still a great place to find a large selection of sarongs, basket ware, general handicrafts and small presents.

  1. The full spectrum of culinary satisfactions

Bali is an island of contrasts, and this is particularly true in the realm of food. You can pay as little as US 50 cents or as much as $500 to eat some of the best food in South East Asia.

Street vendors walk around with their Kaki Lima (literally translated as ‘five feet’) food carts, selling tastebud treats aplenty. Bakso is a delicious beef ball noodle soup that can be found everywhere, corn or jagung is a staple on the beach and a variety of rice, satay and noodles pop up at every corner.

At the other end of the scale are world classes, award winning restaurants such as Sarong, Metis and Kayaputi that offer incredible culinary experiences.

Somewhere in between the two are the ubiquitous warungs that can be found everywhere and sell staples such as nasi goring (fried rice), noodles and fresh juices. Many have a Bain Marie area where you can choose a variety of dishes, usually curries and vegetables, to accompany rice. This is a wonderful way to experiment with local dishes.

  1. Investment opportunities for the tycoon traveler

Bali is rapidly becoming one of the most desirable locations on the world map. It was named by Knight Frank as the destination with the 3rd highest growing luxury housing market.

With an annual growth of 22%, it has become a magnet for those looking to make foreign property investments.


This has led to the building of larger villas and more people choosing Bali as a base or a place to host their second home.

  1. Value for money

Named the best value long-haul destination by the Times of London, Bali has become an attractive option for foreigners, again due to the devaluation of the local currency, Rupiah.

Your money is suddenly going a lot further than it used to, especially in relation to the pound. This is attracting a new, younger tourist back to the island that for many years was lost to Thailand.


In turn this has produced a lot more variety in the hospitality industry with cool little local run boutique hotels springing up that cater to low-budget travelers. On the flip side, there are wildly luxurious villas peppered across the island, as people are free to indulge in high-end accommodation when they are saving in every other department. When comparing Bali to the likes of other island escapes such as the money hemorrhaging Caribbean, its clear Bali can brag best value for money.

  1. Beautiful temples to stir the soul

Temples are part of the very essence of Bali and are evident in the very framework of this island. The ‘Mother’ Temple, Besakih, lies in the center of Bali and is a mystical and magical place that is best visited at full moon if possible.


Bali has several directional temples, such as Uluwatu and Bedugul that serve to protect the island, ward off evil and hold a spiritual force. The architecture varies and is heavily influenced by cosmology.

  1. The Eat, Pray, Love experience

Every major holiday destination has a movie. Thailand has ‘The Beach’, Venice has ‘Don’t Look Now?’, Paris has ‘Amélie’. And now Bali, obviously, has ‘Eat, Pray, Love‘.

After scenes of Julia Roberts cycling through the rice fields hit the big screen, Bali definitely experienced an influx of visitors looking for enlightenment and love.


As demonstrated by Liz, for alternative therapies, Ubud is your place – it’s full of retreats, yoga studios and raw food. This Western amalgam of healing should not be confused with Balinese, but it is a great place to rebalance depending on your needs.

  1. A world class party scene

On the other end of the spiritual spectrum is the reputation Bali is building as the ‘Ibiza of Asia’. The famous, or infamous, KuDeTa White Party of the high season in August has become the epicenter of Bacchanalian excess.

potato head party

Potato Head Beach Club has emerged as the front runner for bringing in international DJ’s with Fat Boy Slim, M.I.A and Snoop Lion gracing their crazy swimming pool stage over the past few years.

Then you have La Favela and La Laguna which have, in very short time, become two of the most iconic venues in Bali, thank to the amazing work done by their owner Gonzalo and his partner Luigi.


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