The World Peace Symbol in Bali

If you holiday in Bali and you want to know the “World Peace Symbol”. It’s a gong and the location in Kertalangu Cultural Village in Jalan Bay Pass Ngurah Rai No.88X, Denpasar. Well, for your information this World Peace Gong is visited by Miss World Contestant.

World Peace Gong was on display at the Peace Park Cultural Village Kertalangu designed to be the world peace gong the gong diameter up to 5 meters. Gong raw material it is made of five metals namely gold, silver, bronze, iron and tin are among the Hindu community also known as the “Panca Datu”.


It is said, the five elements of metal symbolize the five continents, and the symbol of Pancasila. In the context of the real in the contemporary era, the construction of the World Peace Gong that time the process began about three months ago was expected to be a knot adhesive for the peace of mankind throughout the world without being limited by a septum religion, nation, race and other differences.

gong perdamaian

Completing the construction of the World Peace Gong standing upright on open land area of ​​86 acres. In there also built 12 statues of world figures including Nobel Peace statue proclaimed Republic of Indonesia Ir. Soekarno very instrumental in upholding the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. Statue of world leaders Nobel Peace Prize that include the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Gorbachev, Obama and Nelson Mandela.

Not only the Wolrd Peace Gong you can see in Kertalangu Cultural Village you can also doing activities such as, fishing, culture tourism, agro tourism like paddies plantation. Catch the duck in rice field and many more. Well, if you’re fell hungry don’t worry in there are also has a local restaurant with Indonesian food.

Happy holiday!


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