The New World Heritage UNESCO 9 Dance of Bali

Bali has the unique culture and tradition. One of the tradition is dance. Balinese dance in Bali has the unique characteristic and the dancer has the fell and the good aura for the Balinese dance. Well, the Balinese dance has become a new world heritage UNESCO. Here is the Balinese dance.  Cultural arts degree is held to celebrate the success of nine dances of the island has been designated as an intangible world cultural heritage of UNESCO, the UN agency’s fields of education and culture on December 2, 2015 in the 10th meeting in Namibia.

Nine dance performance representing nine districts / cities that the dance:

  • Rejang Dewa (Klungkung)
  • Sang Hyang Dedari (Karangasem)
  • Baris Upacara  (Bangli)
  • Gambuh (Gianyar)
  • Wayang Wong (Buleleng)
  • Mask Sidakarya / Mask Pajegan (Tabanan)
  • Legong Kraton (Denpasar)
  • Joged bumbung (Jembrana) and

  • Barong Ket Kuntisraya (Badung)

Rejang Dewa Dance
Sang Hyang Dedari Dance
Baris Dance
Gambuh Dance
wayang wong
Wayang Wong Dance
topeng sidakarya
Mask Sidakarya Dance
Legong Kraton dance
joged bumbung
Joged Bumbung Dance
barong ket
Rejang Dewa Dance




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