Denpasar-Gilimanuk Disconnected, Tukadaya Bridge are Collapsed

Saturday (23/01/2016) night, a bridge connecting Denpasar – Gilimanuk in the village of Dangin Tukadaya, District Jembrana, Jembrana, Bali collapsed due to the strong flow of water from the rain. Tukadaya Dangin bridge collapse this happened at around 21:30 pm.

As a result, all flow of vehicles heading towards the East or towards Denpasar diverted by police officers Resort Jembrana. In fact, this bridgecollapse be interesting spectacle for the citizens.

Although it has been fitted with a police line, but residents still barged in while you capture images that are thought to have collapsed bridge built in 1980 is. Pillar number two in his East was eroded by river water. So be collapsed so, the rain continues to fall because in a few days.

The alternative route if you’re in Bali and cross this road is:

  • For vehicles from Gilimanuk to Denpasar, trucks, buses, trucks tronton we switch to the North Tugu Cekik to Denpasar.
  • For a small vehicle from West to East we divert towards the intersection in the Environment Keladian. And from East to West shifted to the intersection in the village Tegal Cangkring.

Hope you enjoy your vacation and be save on the road. Thank You. Happy Holiday!


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