Children in Bali Preserve the Tradition and Culture

Holiday in Bali are wonderful. Bali has many unique thing such as: the culture, tradition and their social community. Today I would like to inform you if you’re Holiday or want to holiday in Bali there are the event you have to see here. The event call “ngelawang”. Ngelawang is one of the traditions had in the village. Here are the details:

Barong Bangkung is part of a traditional Balinese performing arts barong called malelawang (mala = letuh, lawang = entrance yard) which is dominated by the children to enliven the atmosphere of the feast of the Hindus in Bali.

These performances are usually held the day after Galungan or Kuningan Ceremony, even ahead of the ceremony performed in several villages in Bali. Also described in Modern Literature Bali, Barong dance history Bangkung also called Barong Bangkal which means a big old boar is old, so it resembles a Barong Bangkal or bangkung, Barong is also called wild boar or Barong Barong Bangkung. Generally staged around the village (ngelelawang) by two dancers on certain days that are considered sacred or when epidemics attacked the village without bringing a play and accompanied by gamelan batel / tetamburan.

Ngelawang event you can see in Bali after the Galungan or Kuningan ceremony in Bali on February this year . Well, hope you enjoy the information and Thank You. Happy Holiday!


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