Fire Monkey in The Year

Chinese New Year calendar (China) or Lunar New Year will enter the year 2567 on February 8, 2016 and runs until January 27, 2017. By doing so, as reported from various sources, such as jsurya, astroshiopedia,, until misteripedia. Then the alias zodiac zodiac applicable to the lunar year 2567 according to the Chinese astrological calculations is the monkey with the fire element.

Turn of the lunar New Year is often used as the perfect moment to predict the fate and luck in the future. To predict how the life of the next year, one of the usual way is through the forecast Shio. Monkey in the year, the nature of Hewat itself became a symbol, the effect on people who trust and believe in it. Agility, making each individual has developed which tends to fluctuate and occur relatively quickly, both physically and mentally. By doing so, the atmosphere cheerful, too late, and silent communicative relationships, health fit and stamina decreases. Until excited, lazy, peaceful feeling and anxiety, will be ups and downs this year.

But the effect, presumably not an obstacle to worry about. Because in the year of the monkey, life goes like nature where animals opportunists and reliable with ingenuity adventure. So many opportunities will be open to individuals who deftly while working on something. Meanwhile, efforts which never failed at an earlier time deserve repeated, in order to produce results, which found a solution in the Monkey promising.

Well, 2016 is the Year of the Monkey Fire and elements of the element of Fire is a lot of mystery. Fire used as a symbol of great energy and strong for those air-Shio Monkeys. They will strive to be a winner and always eager for their achievements recognized. 2016 led to the year that anything can happen. If you want to survive and be successful in life, then you should avoid group activities that are memprofokasi something, participate in upheaval: politics, revolution or discriminatory. You have to be extra careful in choosing friends or groups / communities. 2016 is the time for business groups considered at risk, where the seeds of success were not planned to be achieved. Run all your ideas and inventions, without having to look further into the past.

Details Features:

  • Chinese name of the Monkey: Hou
  • Year of Birth: Shen
  • Fixed Element: Metal (Jin)
  • Element 2016: Fire (huo)
  • Yin Yang: Yang
  • Lucky numbers: 1, 7, 8
  • Avoid Numbers: 2, 5, 9
  • Lucky color: White, Gold, Blue
  • Avoid Color: Red, Black, Gray, Dark Coffee.
  • Favorable directions: North, Northwest, West
  • Luck Month: August and December
  • Lucky days: Sunday
  • Luck Date: 14 and 28
  • In the Western Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Prize Matches: The books contain a variety of interesting tricks, smartphones, games that stimulate the brain sharpness, video games, musical instruments or karaoke, pen, crossword puzzles.
  • Job Matches:

Humanist, scientist, stock markets, air traffic controllers, dealers, art, politicians, directors, merchants, engineers, jewelers, sales, advertising, writer, magician, comedian, journalist.

  • Flowers Luck:

Chrysanthemum, Crape-Myrtle.

  • Stone luck:

Agate, Citrine, Jasper, Moonstone, Clear quartz.


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