Good Place Good Weather, Amazing Holiday

Hello, happy good day for you all! Today I would like to inform a place you can enjoy during your holiday in Bali. Bali as we know famous by their beaches, the culture, the unique tradition and also the good natural. Here is the one of favorit tourist destination in Bali. The weather is so good and clear, you will enjoy to spare your whole day time in this place. Here is it!

Bali Botanical Garden or usually known as Bali “Eka Karya” Botanical Garden is a spacious tropic botanical garden in Bali. Located at Bedugul tourism area, Candikuning Vilage, Baturiti District, Tabanan Regency which also located in the middle of Bali island, approximately 56km from Denpasar city. Bali Botanical Garden located between 1250-1450 meters high above the sea level with total area of 175,5 hectares. The temperature is 17-25 degrees celcius at the afternoon and 10-15 degrees celcius at the night with 70-90% humidity. Because the unpredictable weather in botanical garden area, so it is recommended for visitor to prepare warm clothes, umbrella, either rain coat before visit this Bali Botanical Garden.

Bali Botanical Garden is a unique place in Bali which is a combination of a place of plant research, conservation, study and recreation place. We can spend our leisure time while enjoy the beauty and fresh air of this botanical garden and also we can learn about the benefit of plants that we usually meet in our daily life. Aside of enjoy the beauty of plants in tropical rainforest; we also can enjoy a tunable chirp of birds around here.

The name of this botanical garden “Eka Karya” itself could be defined as a first botanical garden which is the result of Indonesia nation after Indonesia Independence Day. This botanical garden was specialized to collect Gymnosperma (neele-leaves plants) from all over the world because this kind of this plant is growing well in botanical garden. There are so many first collections that brought from Bogor Botanical Garden and Cibodas Botanical Garden which are BidwilliiCupresus sempervirens dan Pinus Masoniana. The original plants that grow in this area are Podocarpus imbricatus dan Casuarina junghuhniana.

Since it was opened, the expansion of Eka Karya Botanical Garden always has up and down situation in management alteration between Provincial Forestry Office and administrator of this botanical garden itself. Bali Botanical Garden have maintained 2 times by Provincial Forestry Office in Bali on 15 July 1959 – 16 May 1964. After G 30 S/PKI tragedy (1966-1975), the maintenance of the botanical garden was directly maintain by botanical garden staff itself during 2 periods, since 16 May 1964 until December 1965 and 1 April 1975 until now on. Since 1964 until now, Eka Karya Botanical Garden has experienced 11 times of alteration. There are more than 2000 species of plants that preserved in Bali Botanical Garden.

4 Main Benefits of Bali Botanical Garden:

  1. Exploration, Inventory, and Research
  2. Conservation
  3. Recreation
  4. Education

This place offer some scientific services and facilities for plant research and conservation including herbarium, seeds bank, library, green house, bursary, and plant data base. Well, hope you enjoy the information and you have to visit this place during your holiday in Bali. Happy holiday!


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