Children in The Spirit of Preserving The Hereditary Tradition

Bali which is famous for its natural beauty and unique culture always get enthusiastic of tourists. The uniqueness of the Bali Island is one of which is a unique tradition. One of the cultural heritages that contain noble values ​​which need to be preserved is a tradition that is a matter that is considered sacred, so that children and grandchildren someday know hereditary legacy which is still preserved until now. Here is it! The tradition I would like to share with you.

Tegalalang is not always about the fantastic rice terrace. One of the unique tradition it had in Tegalalang is Ngerebeg tradition. Ngerebeg tradition is held by series of Temple Ceremony in Pura Duur Bingin, Tegalalang Village, Gianyar regency, Bali implemented to coincide when “Buda Pon Pahang”, right  on Wednesday. Exactly at 12.00 pm or “Tengai tepet”. Hundreds of children with clothes and makeup are similar “wong samar” or evil walk around the village.

Implementation Ngerebeg accepted tradition for generations by people Pakraman Tegalalang. Ngerebeg tradition is still maintained. Implementation of tradition Ngerebeg are estimated to have been around since the 13th century in accordance with the arrival of Tjokorda Ketut Segara to the village of Tegallalang, then this tradition did not dare omitted or deleted by the local people, while based on that further this tradition actually maintained and preserved by local people so that the whole community participate in Ngerebeg tradition, not only children but also adults participated in the course of tradition Ngerebeg continuity of the process from beginning start to finish.

The purpose of the process is to expel “bhutakala” or evil of the community in order to hold a ceremony at Duur Bingin Temple. Where is his philosophy, so manners arrived at Temple Duwur Bingin which is the origin Ngerebeg procession, all the mind becomes clear and bright. The implementation of piodalan ceremony the next day can be done well and sublime, based upon a sincere attitude. Locals people it is believed that if the ritual Ngerebeg is not implemented, there could be a disaster in the region.

Children and adolescents have to decorate themselves so sinister could barely recognizable. Hundreds wong this faint visible walking around the village after a ritual held nunas pica alit, nedunan ida Bhatara and nunas grand pica. Or seek protection and kelelamatan.

Ngerebeg Tradition the distance of about 14 kilometers carrying a sprig of palm as small Penjor. “Suryak, oi oi oi,” their shouts said. In the procession, manners believe that beings the invisible participate sign and slipped in between the rows of human dressed as “wong samar” or evil. It can be characterized by an event such as, we believe “wong samar” faint invisible exists between rows of manners Ngerebeg participate in the ritual. Because there just are not recognizable it harbingers.

Although believed the “wong samar” or evil actually joining the ranks, but no one are possessed. Ngerebeg ritual aims to restore “wong samar” sketchy to its origin.

The ritual is stealing the attention of road users and tourists. How not, children and teenagers are dominated by men decorate his body with a variety of characters astral beings. There is nothing like Rangda, tuyul, bhuta green, bhuta pelung, bhuta barracks, until pocong. There is also a dress from a man into a woman. In their bodies seemed laced with images, text, and numbers. No one knows how long Ngerebeg ritual performed. Literary source was not found.

However, in confidence, this ritual has been passed down from generation to generation.


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