Beautiful Panorama of a River with an Unforgettable Experience

For those who like traveling, they might more recognize and visit Kuta Beach or many other kind of beaches more often as a choice for holiday, because beach is the main attraction of Bali among other tourist destination which mostly visited by local and foreign tourist. If you would like to experience a new tourist destination, this place might be suitable as an option.

There is new tourist destination that presents beautiful panorama of a river and it will be your unforgettable experience. This tourist destination is located in Gumbrih Village, Pekutatan district, Jembrana regency. The name of this tourist destination is Taman Wisata Air Tirta Lestari or Tirta Lestari Water Park. This water park is an interesting tourist destination because it is a combination of the calm flow of Pangyangan River and the green atmosphere of coconut tree and nypa frutican tree lining along the river. The tourist can explore this river by riding a boat which powered with machine and rode by professional one. Beside of that, there is a boat as a transportation facility to explore the river. The distance that should be taken is around 2 kilometers with stop point at the bridge which is a frontier between Pangyangan Village and Gumbrih Village.

Besides enjoying the green atmosphere of the tress, tourist also can see various wild animals like kokokan bird and lizard. This kind of thing make Tirta Lestari Water Park became an ideal location to enjoy the leisure time while watching the surrounding lush environment and take some pictures. For taking picture, there are so many interesting object in around Pangyangan River such as overlay ricefield in the edge of the river and also the bamboo jungle. Not only that things, Pangyangan River also has various fish such as red snapper and julit (kind of catfish but has a longer body) so that the the tourist can spend time here with fishing. Especially for shrimp and crab, the tourist also can grab them with empty-hand.

The tourist also can see the swimming fish from the surface of the water. Tirta Lestari Water Park is the best place to enjoy the nature of Bali and release soul from the boisterousness of the city.


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