A Pile of The Remains of The 14th Century Temple

Bali has many tourist destinations, as well known the nature, unique tradition, and the ancient building. Except the beautiful view, Bali also has the beautiful architecture of the building and the temple. Most of the building were built from the old year and had much history can tell. Well, today I would like to inform you about the founding archaeologists building in Bali. Here is it!

Archaeologists from the Center for Archaeological Denpasar, Bali, found a pile of the remains of the temple which was built in the 14th century in the Gelang Agung Temple, Petang District of Badung. Head of the Center for Archaeological Denpasar I Gusti Made Suarbhawa in Mangupura, explained the researchers found a pile of rocks neatly arranged in a depth of up to 1.5 meters in the three-point excavation.

Piles of rocks were discovered protruding from the bottom of the temple building, right in front of the shrines of the statues at the site, and the second is on the east side “gedong” statue. In place of the last excavations on the eastern aspect of the temple, in addition to “panyengker” wall or barrier, also found several piles of rocks. “In this third excavation lot of rocks in the condition is not intact.

Suarbhawa suspects that damage the pile of rocks. “The team also found a lot of broken rocks because it was taken by the local community for the construction of the wall “panyengker,”. Archaeologists have not been able to determine the form of the temple. Now researchers are still focusing on measuring and collecting data. The researchers currently focusing record measure and document any findings. Research conducted 18-31 March 2016 was a continuation of the invention statues, money coins, sarcophagus and a pile of rocks in the same place. That research at the excavation site was temporarily suspended and will be resumed next year.


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