Place to Relax in The Heart of Vibrant in Seminyak Bali

Hello from Bali! Hope you have a nice day. Great day for tell about experience during holiday in Bali. Besides the marvelous beaches and the beautiful scenery of panorama, Bali has many attraction or tourist destination. For the nature Bali has one of the best in the world and for the accommodation as many type and has the unique thing also. The combination of the luxury accommodation and the marvelous nature is making the tourist come and enjoy stay and spend holiday in Bali. Today I would like to inform you one of the luxury villas in Bali. This villa situated in the strategic village in Bali. Well here is it!

Seminyak! Seminyak is one of the busy villages of the tourism activities. Many tourist accommodation and the private villa and resort in Seminyak. One of the beautiful villas in Seminyak is The Ahimsa. The Ahimsa redefines luxury accommodation by providing discerning guests with the ultimate boutique villa experience. With the commitment to providing our valued guests with an exceptional Bali experience.

The remodeling includes an elegant décor refurbishment influenced by the cool and comforting appeal of Hampton Chic beachside holidays. Original contemporary design and traditional Asian architecture, as well as our impeccable five-star service, all now with an added touch of elegance that ensures your stay will be an unforgettable one.

The philosophy is embodied in the Sanskrit word ‘AHIMSA’ – meaning to abstain from harm or violence to all earth’s creatures. Followers of the Hindu faith believe embracing this ideal will lead to a better way of life. Our hotel stands as a reminder to our valued guests and the people of the world that Bali is a gentle, beautiful island with caring inhabitants. Whether you stay at The Ahimsa you will enjoy the best this magical island has to offer and as a result – discover a better way of life.

The villa situated in the heart of vibrant Seminyak. The Ahimsa, remains, to this day one of the most sought after offerings in boutique accommodation in Bali. The private villa is available in one, two and three bedroom layouts. Perfect for everyone from travelling couples, to families and groups. Each property features a beautifully lit private swimming pool, lush tropical garden, en-suite bathrooms, full-service kitchen, state-of-the art entertainment systems and open plan lounge and dining areas. We ensure your every need is catered for.

The Ahimsa villas are influenced by ideals of tropical, outdoor living. The use of local materials in the choice of interior fitments projects the indelible spirit of Bali as captured in all its grace and beauty. Seminyak has become famous for its great shopping, proximity to the ocean and bevy of entertainment hotspots, including some of the island’s best restaurants and nightlife.

Well, if you’re the traveler who loves the night life or the shopping vacation to enjoy the holiday in Bali, I suggest to you choose Seminyak and stay at The Ahimsa Seminyak. Happy holiday!


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