Place to Visit in Bali with Beautiful Panorama of Rice Terrace and The Mountain as Backdrop

Hello Traveler What’s up! Well hope you have a wonderful day. For you who love vacation or you’re the traveler who wanted the best destination for your holiday? Bali! Bali is the one of favorite tourist destination for tourist around the world. Bali has beautiful scenery of nature and friendly Balinese people. Except that in Bali there are also best destination for learn more about nature and the environment. Well, here today I would like to inform to you the one of the tourist attraction in Bali, its good nature and you can learn more about the bird. Here is it!

Blimbing Village is one of the traditional Balinese Villages in Bali located in Tabanan Regency. Belimbing Village is a tourist village located in the District Pupuan . It is about 30 km western part of Denpasar Town or 1.5 hours drives by car.


It owns beautiful panorama of rice terrace unfolding with Batukaru Mountain as backdrop. It is very amazing view with the cool weather covers entire the area. The farmer are looking intend to work at the rice field with beautiful terrace. The village is located on the travel lane Denpasar-Seririt with the distance from the provincial capital about 60 km. Geographically the village is located at an altitude of 500-600 m above sea level, with relatively cool weather conditions and average temperatures around 25ºC. Belimbing village has eight hamlets scattered in around expanse of rice fields and plantations in the village, including: Banjar Beniti, Belimbing Anyar, Belimbing Tegal, Belimbing village, Pemudungan, Suradadi, Belantibah, and Duren Taluh. This village has a characteristic hilly with valleys fed by several rivers. The village is surrounded by plantations and paddy fields sprawling. Plantations in the village partly planted by plants clove, mangosteen, cacao, cassava, pumpkin bark and Japan. This village agricultural land planted with rice plants where there are also lovely terraces that can spoil the eye. Around Belimbing village there are also waterfalls are no less interesting and a challenging track and well worth tracking enjoy compared to tourist sites other villages in Bali.


In this village can also enjoy views of the farmers who were cultivating rice in Belimbing Village, a group of monkeys Mekori Forest faithful watchman, two waterfalls which Singsing Bemben and Singsing Sade. Conditions such as these make the Desa Belimbing one tourist village is worth a visit in Bali.There is one restaurant now available at this area with overlooking to this view that complete this area as an alternative place to visit during your holiday in Bali. Many tourist has come around or stop for while to view this beautiful scenery. Blimbing Sari is one of beautiful places of interest in Bali that we can see when we join the Bali West Tour, a tour to the western part of Bali or Singaraja Tour, a tour to the northern part of Bali. Blimbing Village is strategically located on the main road from Denpasar to Singaraja via Pupuan.

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