Enjoy Your Holiday at Resort Located 1.142 Above the Sea Level in Bali

Hello from Bali travelers! Hope you have a wonderful day. Great day for tell about experience during holiday in Bali. Besides the marvelous beaches and the beautiful scenery of panorama, Bali has many attraction or tourist destination. For the nature Bali has one of the best in the world and for the accommodation as many type and has the unique thing also. The combination of the luxury accommodation and the marvelous nature and the facilities spot is making the tourist come and enjoy stay and spend holiday in Bali. Today I would like to inform you one of the luxury resorts in Bali. The situated in the village and has good panorama and good weather. Well here is it!

Do you a golfer or you want to enjoy your holiday with the new experience? Here one of resort in Bali, Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club is one of the best golf courses in Bali and in Indonesia. The absolutely green in the lush high heartland of Bali at an altitude of 1.142 meters above the sea level which surrounded by rolling mountain, crater lakes and the ancient forest, the course design is meant to blend the fairways and create a dramatic backdrop for tea shots and approaches. The deep blue sky, the air fresh, clear and the temperature average between 15o-20o Celsius. It is right comfortable golfing destination in Bali. Well, Bali Handara also has the resort inside the course.


Located in the classic hotel buildings which commanding a beautiful views of the green grass and the amazing view of the lake Buyan. All of the 77 room’s accommodation is facing the long par. There are also the traditional Japanese bathroom with an exclusive feature of Japanese way of living is that one of the Japanese which presents yet another opportunity to experience genuine eastern culture. The type of the room is the  24 superior garden view, 8 deluxe garden view. 39 deluxe room golf view, 2 deluxe suite, 2 villas, 1 executive suite and 1 presidential suite. The clubhouse has extensive facilities all under one roof including a meeting room, lounge, function room, spa and the Kamandanu Restaurant upstairs serving up excellent International and Japanese Cuisine.

Well, to enjoy your holiday in Bali, I suggest to you the traveler who loves golf and the best place for holiday in Bali Handara Kosaido Resort. That will be nice to enjoy the mountain and the lake of Buyan in the resort during your golf. Happy holiday!

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