Banjar Hot Spring | Best Place for Relaxing in North of Bali

Bali has many places to relax like the accommodation, the spa, the nature and so on. Today I would like to inform the places that can be visit for enjoy the nature and relaxing your mind and your body without spending a lot of your money. Banjar hot spring is one of the famous hot springs in Bali. Here is it!

Banjar Hot Spring is located in Banjar Village, Buleleng Regency that distanced around 24 kilometers from Singaraja city. Banjar Hot Spring is one of hot spring among all of tourism object in Bali that you can visit. This hot spring is sourced from nature hot spring that believed by people to heal various skin diseases such as scabies or mange, water fleas, and fungus. Likewise, this hot spring can be use as skin disease healing because of its sulfur contents.


Banjar Hot Spring is still simply maintained. But for such case not make this nature tourism object become less visited by the visitors. Most of them addicted to come over again to visit this hot spring in addition to heal some diseases, this hot spring environment also still beautiful and unexploited. Event most of people that soaking in Banjar Hot Spring because its water purity.

Banjar Hot Spring resource is predicted has been exist since hundreds year ago. When there was still Japan era, this hot spring is more maintained and be maximized in the aspect of function. Japanese Government established at least 3 kind of pools to soaking where they use the water to heal many diseases especially skin diseases. This hot spring existence retained until this time.


The hot spring pools divided into 3 spots with different water high level. The hot spring in the first pool flowed through eight of dragon mouth showers. While in the second pool, the hot spring flowed through five of dragon mouth showers. In the third pool, there is seldom visited by visitors that queuing to enjoy three water showers which flowed from 3,5m high. The height of those shower make your body as if being massage with the water so that the visitors is like to be at the third pool. The depth of each pool is average of 1m. As well as other hot spring, hot spring resource in Banjar Village is able to heal some skin diseases.


Well, there is some of tourist attraction in Buleleng regency and the favorite is the hot spring and the Lovina Beach. So prepare yourself to the next vacation to Bali and try some tourist attraction in the north of Bali. Happy holiday!


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