Villa in Bali has Simple Idea but Looks Amazing

Hello from Bali! Hope you have a nice day. Great day for tell about experience during holiday in Bali. Besides the marvelous beaches and the beautiful scenery of panorama, Bali has many attraction or tourist destination. For the nature Bali has one of the best in the world and for the accommodation as many type and has the unique thing also. The combination of the luxury accommodation and the marvelous nature is making the tourist come and enjoy stay and spend holiday in Bali. Today I would like to inform you one of the luxury villas in Bali. This villa situated in the strategic village in Bali. Well here is it!

Seminyak! Seminyak is one of the busy villages of the tourism activities. Many tourist accommodation and the private villa and resort in Seminyak. One of the beautiful villas in Seminyak is The Amala. The Amala is a cute and intimate retreat located in the heart of Seminyak – Bali’s most exciting and exclusive address: a heady mix of life and leisure.


Amala guests enjoy the best of both worlds – intimate and luxurious calm within the walls of the resort and the vibrancy of shopping, cafes, nightlife and beaches a short walk away.

The idea behind The Amala was – like all good ideas – simple: to create the perfect wellness retreat quietly tucked away in the heart of Bali’s most exciting neighbourhood.


The concept was to establish the ultimate luxurious hideaway, an intimate boutique resort where couples can escape the outside world and relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with each other while our “no children below 12 years old” policy allows a couple to really be a couple.


Influenced by her travels, the imaginative owner used her expertise in architecture and interior design to carefully create a true urban haven.


The Amala to be a place of genuine serenity where peace and goodness are the overwhelming elements and where even the most stressed travelers can come and replenish their bodies, minds and souls in complete luxury.


For the room there is some type of room: deluxe room, villas and the amala residence. For the facilities don’t worry The Amala is provides by luxury facilities in the room and surround area of The Amala. To complete your holiday there are the special restaurant in The Amala to carry out your request during your stay. The facilities in The Amala such as: swimming pool, boutique, studio and library.


Well, for you the traveler who love the amazing vacation at Seminyak, The Amala is one of the best choices to stay in Bali, So prepare yourself to the next holiday in Bali. Happy holiday!




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