Visiting the Ancient Statue in Pejeng

Hello Bali traveler! Hope you have a wonderful day. It is great day to tell about one of Bali new famous tourist Attraction. Bali! If talking about Bali, we can image the beautiful nature and awesome culture and tradition. Well, beside that Bali offer the unique and historical places to visit in Bali. One of them became the site of ancient temple is Pura Kebo Edan or Kebo Edan Temple. The actual name of this temple has a very long history associated also with the influence of Hinduism in Bali in particular and in Indonesia in general.


Pura Kebo Edan is near Goa Gajah in the east of Ubud District, exactly on Raya Pejeng Street. The existence of this temple as proof that the Hindu Tantrayana teachings developed in Bali, which focuses Sakti worship as Ista Gods. It was submitted by the Dutch archaeologist De. W.F. Stuttwerheim based on several ancient relics at Pura Kebo Edan.It is said that this temple was built by Javanese in about the 12th century.

It became a war with king Java and king Bali, and Bali was defeated in 1346. After war, king Kertanegara in Java wanted to teach Islam ceremony Koran “Siwa Bhairawa” to the people in Bali. And, the king Kertanegara ordered minister’s Kebo Paruk who did buffalo’s appearance to teach it to people. There are two kinds of teaching Siwa Bhairawa. It is “Niwerti” of teaching good thing, and “Purawerti” of teaching bad thing. To teach people only Purawerti, the king Kertanegara urged it on him. He wanted to teach only Purawerti and to increase the number of vassals in Bali. However, it was not accepted by people in Bali. The number of a lot of believers who were has decreased fast first. Afterwards, it is a temple of Hinduism now though became a Buddhism temple.


Kebo means “buffalo” in a Bali language, and Edan means “It goes mad” in an Indonesian language. It is an unusual temple where two languages were used. This temple has the statue of danced Pejeng Giant with four penises. And, two buffaloes’ statues sit on the both sides. The feature of the statue has four penises, twines round one of feet the snake, and the other foot tramples the person. The statue is as much as 12 feet in height, and has been built 700 years ago. There are various opinions about this statue. Beside of that, you will find Lembu Nandini Arca (statue) and Ganesha Arca. Pura Kebo Edan is one of Khayangan Jagat Temple (public temple) that became National Heritage and was repaired twice around the 1960s.

It is recommended place to visit in Paradise Island when you get holiday, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and unforgettable experience.


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