Gunung Kawi Temple | Bali Secret Historical Site

Exploring  Secret Historical Site Offer Ancient Temple  in Bali

Gunung Kawi Temple is located near Tampak Siring village, around 5 km from well known Tirta Empul Temple. The location is 35 km from Denpasar, city, 50 km from Kuta, and 68 km from Nusa Dua. It is still one route from Goa Gajah Temple, Pura Pusering Jagat, Gunung Kawi Temple, and Tirta Empul Temple.

Gunung Kawi Information


Gunung Kawi Temple is two rows of ancient royal tombs on the banks of the Pakerisan River deep in a ravine overlooked by terraced rice-fields. The holy Pakersian River flows through the centre of Gunung Kawi cutting the site into two separate sections with a bridge to connect one side to the other. It is believed the holy waters of the Pakerisan sanctify Gunung Kawi, and the beauty of the place evokes a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.The monuments are shaped in relief on a solid rock hill, commonly called “candi”. There are shaped like burial towers, telling identity of the royal personages honored here. Those are mostly found all over Central and East Java.

History of Gunung Kawi

6.jpgAs the sources from any historical books about Bali and related to the information given by the temple’s care taker, Ketut Raharja suggested that Those five ‘candi’ in the main group were built for King Udayana, his Javanese queen Gunapriya, his concubine, his illustrious eldest son Airlangga who ruled over East Java, and his youngest son Anak Wungsu. Reigning over Bali from AD 1050 to 1077, Anak Wungsu is believed to have given up his kingdom to become a religious hermit.

The Interesting Object in Gunung Kawi

This Temples is set far from the entrance that we must walk through path about 300 meters down passing through the beautiful rice terrace and local people house. Alongside the path, there are souvenirs shops available to sell Balinese handicraft. When arriving at the temples area, we will obtain the amazing picture of Gunung Kawi Temple, the most beautiful and unique temple you must visit in Bali. Beside of that, you can see the place for purifying our body (Melukat), and some historical site. The number of temple in this complex are about 10 temples building those are all beautiful design, carved on the 7 meters rock cliffs. This Temples are dedicated for Anak Wungsu King from Udayana Dynasty and for his Queen.


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