Learn Balinese Language

Hello traveler! Hope you had a wonderful day. Great day tell experience during holiday in Bali. As we know Bali is the one of favorite tourist destination in the world. Bali Island with the beautiful scenery of nature and the unique tradition and culture make tourist come to Bali. Beside the nature and the unique tradition and culture, Bali also has the activities to burn and increase your adrenaline. The adventure activities in Bali are the favorite by tourist who loves the adventure activities. Some adventure activities you can enjoy in the nature like: trekking, hiking, cycling, ATV riding, rafting, and many more. But not only adventure  that interesting but also the language looks interesting. So i will tell you some of bali language that you can use in daily life.


Let’s practice;

  • Om Swastyastu :  the Balinese greeting
  • Rahajang Semeng : Good Morning
  • Rahajang Wengi : Good Evening
  • Punapi Gatra?  : How are you?
  • Becik-Becik : I’m fine
  • Matur Suksma : Thank You
  • Ampura : Sorry
  • Seduk : Hungry
  • Ngajeng : Eating
  • Matumbasan : Shopping
  • Nyelang : Borrow
  • Pamit dumun : I want back/ bye
  • Melali : Hang out
  • Beli : calls for the man older than us
  • Mbok : calls for the women older than us
  • Gus: calls for boy
  • Gek : calls for girl
  • Budih : To go home
  • Bicik- Bicik: very good

well, if you visit bali you can use the word above can be use when you’re arrive at Bali and make your tour guide wonder when they pick up you at the Airport and can make good first impression to us to the other. Say “Om Swastyastu” and then smile, that is the best for the first impression to local people in Bali. Well, hope you enjoying the tips from me and hope you can use that tips when you’re holiday in Bali. Let’s learn Balinese word, I hope it can be useful for you during spent your holiday in Bali, The Amazing Island. Happy Holiday to you all travelers!


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