German Beach – Another Bali Amazing Beach

Enjoying Amazing White Sandy Beach and Perfect Sunset Panorama

Kuta Beach, Dreamland or Jimbaran in Bali is famous beauty. One beach may not have known traveler is a German beach in Kuta. Not less beautiful beaches, especially to see the plane back and forth from close. Here is it

The way to the Germany Beach is not difficult, only about 10 minutes by bike from Ngurah Rai Airport. Out of Ngurah Rai Airport parking lot, take a northerly direction and there is a T-junction and turn right. After finding Wanasegara Street, turn left to see the fork in the existing statue of Holiday Inn Resort, just follow the road until you see the shores. Then, park your vehicle up and walk to the beaches.

There are the unique of German Beach


The Kuta Harbor in past time

Germany Beach was once the Kuta Harbor where traders from outside Bali anchored to carry merchandise to trade at that time. According to Pierre Duboisin its position as the Dutch Government officials, who are allowed to stay in the Kuta area. Pierre Dubois, Deputy Government Indies staying in Kuta in 1827. Kuta port is the most important port in South Bali that time.

The white and clean sand beaches

Beach Germany arguably still one shoreline to Kuta Beach. Is the same color of sand beaches, tanned and smooth feel when swept by foot. You will enjoy the white and clean sand beaches.


Many local boats (Jukung)

One of the beautiful scenery in the German beach is many boats that rely on lip shores. Certainly for the traveler who is fond of taking pictures, scenery objects like this so nice to be immortalized. The boats are fishing boats or boat sped rented to tourists. Even so, the boats are not going to disturb your leisure activities in the German Coast.

Contours sloping beach

German coast in contrast to Suluban or coastal plains are a lot of rocks. German coast has gentle contours and a long coastline. Can select a spot anywhere conduct some amazing activities like to sunbathe or play sand and relax your mind

1Complete place to enjoy Bali

On the outskirts of the German Beach, you will see a variety of food stalls serving food and drink menu. In front of the stall also provided that includes a large umbrella bench for seating. Fun, drinking coconut ice here! So, no need to fear starvation during a visit to the German Coast.

The atmosphere is calm

The atmosphere in the German beach is not as crowded as in the Kuta Beach. Beach Germany, the atmosphere is calm and quiet. Not surprisingly, you will see more foreign tourists who come here. Beside of that you can enjoy the amazing sunset panorama.

2Plane scenery fro

Because it is close to the Ngurah Rai Airport, you can see the plane back and forth on the runway of the German Beach. On the left side of the beaches, you will see the planes takeoff or landing.


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