Mengening Temple – Another Balinese Ancient Temple

Felling the Vibration of Udayana King’s Meditation Place

If you are talking about Bali, you will remember the beautiful of beaches, the delicious food or amazing panorama and also the historical temple. Bali was called by the thousands of Temple Island, because the majority Balinese people is Hindu. Gianyar is the best place for learning about the ancient temples and of them is Mengening Temple.

Location of Mengening Temple


This ancient temple located in Saraseda Village, Tampaksiring District, Gianyar Regency. It is about 37 kilometers or one hour from Denpasar. Mangening Temple was surrounded by many big trees and it is near the Pekerisan River, so make the quiet and fresh atmosphere. This temple became one cultural heritage which was inaugurated by Bali Province Government base on UU No. 05/1985.

Mengening Temple Information


The name of Mengening Temple was come from 2 word maha and ening because it is one of the meditation place of Udayana King and his family for getting close with the God. The piodalan of this temple is Saniscara Pon Wuku Sinta (the first Saturday in Balinese Calendar). Mengening Temple has many unique things, one of them is Lingga Yoni. Lingga-Yoni is the representation of Siwa God and it the symbolized of life. Beside of that, you will see many ancient statue or arca.

3 main courtyards


Mengening Temple has 3 main courtyards; First, Nista Mandala or the outer courtyard, there is beautiful garden with 5 water fountains. Second, Madya Mandala or the middle couryard, you will find many building such as Bale Gong (the place to play the balinese traditional music), Bale Kulkul (like tower and there is the place put the traditional alarm), Bale Pengembahan, and Bale Pegat. Third, the holiest courdyart or Utama Mandala, you will many Pelinggih (the place to pray the God), Bale Penganteb (place for the priest led the ceremony), Bale Pacanangan, and Bale Saka Ulu.


This Temple has strategic location, because it is not far from Gunung Kawi Temple and Tirta Empul Holy Spring. You can visit 3 awesome places in one chance. I hope you must use the kamen (Balinese cloth) to keep the holiest of Mengening Temple. This place also offers awesome panorama of the Pekerisan River. I believe it will be the best experience during spent your holiday in Bali.


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