Bali Ogoh-Ogoh Museum

Exploring the Unique Museum in Bali

The day before Nyepi specialized in Bali, usually celebrated with a parade of Ogoh-ogoh embodying Bhuta Kala who paraded around the neighborhood, and then burned. The goal is the same, namely Bhuta Kala expel from the surrounding environment.

Ogoh-Ogoh Information

Ogoh – ogoh is also a manifestation of creativity and artistic innovation of the young artists. Long before Nyepi day (even a month earlier), the artists did try to show their work as much as possible. Funds spent to make Ogoh-ogoh could even reach tens of millions of rupiah or more. Ogoh-ogoh are made using iron frame as the main support body of ogoh-ogoh and then use bamboo matting on the body, thighs and legs. For the section curves of the body that are difficult typically use cork, such as arms, fingers and legs. After that are colored and decorated then in pairs in accordance with the character attributes, such as mace, sword and arrows.

The Ogoh – Ogoh Museum Information

Ogoh-ogoh Museum is located at Ayodhya Street, located in the complex Museum Manusa Yadnya in Mengw, Badung Regency. You need 1 hour from Kuta Area or 40 Minutes from Denpasar. In this place you can see about 20 pieces of ogoh-ogoh of areas of Bali. There are several ogoh-ogoh either giants or gods and bhuta kala with height 3-5 meters. The museum also presents the interesting stories every ogoh ogoh with a magical feel and you will get an interesting experience while visiting this museum.

The initiators of Ogoh – Ogoh Museum

The museum is not separated from a Balinese artist named I Ketut Nuada who is also a painter in the Taman Ayun Temple. He was the one of the initiators and managers of this museum until now. To realize his idea, I Ketut takes many years to collect the ogoh-ogoh to be a collection of the museum. This Ogoh Ogoh Museum was opened on April 2012. The reason I Ketut build this museum, because this museum can make the ogoh ogoh famous or known well by the world community. The ogoh-ogoh is one of the works of art that use many art style, such as sculpture, carving, painting, art decor, art music and more


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