Balinese Lawar

The Unique Philosophy of Lawar that You Must Know

Lawar is typical cuisine from Bali that generally made of grated coconut mixed with minced meat, Balinese typical seasoning, and of course half-cooked blood. The meat added to Lawar usually pork or chicken. Lawar is required foods that must exist in every Bali’s culture ceremony.

Harmonization and Balance

Because without Lawar, foods have been served become incomplete. Besides the good taste of Lawar, as Bali traditional food Lawar also has its own philosophy. Lawar had meanings harmonization and balance.It is looked from its ingredients: grated coconut (white, as a symbol of Iswara God at eastern), blood (red, as a symbol of Brahma God at southern), seasonings (yellow, as a symbol of Mahadewa God at western), and shrim paste (black, as a symbol of Wisnu God at northern).

Those forth point of compass symbolized a balance. Beside of that, the taste of the ingredients which are sweet (coconut), salty (salt), bitter (lime), spicy (seasoning), sour, and stinky (shrimp paste) if they are mixed perfectly, it will make a delicious taste. This is a philosophy of a leader in optimize the potential of their different citizens so that it can make a harmonization.

You will find this food in everywhere of Bali.  Every village in Bali has its own version. While it’s the usual accompaniment to babi guling, lawar can stand as a dish in its own right.Let’s trying balinese delicious food.


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