Felling Sensation Walking in Sea

Bali ocean walker or commonly called Seawalker or Bali marine walk is one of the best water activities in Bali, since 2010 this watersport activities has been available at Benoa Bay. If you are interested with water sport the best spot is Benoa Bay at Nusa Dua-Bali. Benoa Bay offer a nice water and a gentle wave, which is very suitable for sea walker activities, especially in the morning, due to the air is fresh in the morning and the sun also not too hot, to get to Benoa Bay you will need about 15 minutes driving from Ngurah Rai Airport, the locations of Benoa Bay is near with Nusa dua Resort Area which is the center of hospitality industry.

Bali Sea Walker

Bali Sea Walker Tanjung Benoa is walking activity on the sea floor, this is why sometimes its call as a marine walk. This will definitely different as you walk on land, participants will be using a masked helmet. This mask helmet is containing water-resistant clear glass, Oxygen will flow through the hose that attached to the helmets, and all you need to do just breath naturally, and for those who wear a glasses or contact lenses don’t need to be worried, because the sea water will not leak and enter your helmed.

Getting Unique Activity

Once all sea walker equipment ready, the sea walker guide will take you, dive into the sea floor. On the bottom of the sea, there are many fish and beautiful coral reefs. You need to go down at least 6 meters using the stairs then you will reach the sea floor. While walking around on the sea floor, you will be able to see the fish, marine plants and coral reefs. You also can feed the fish. Please don’t forget to ask your guide, to take your photo and video during the sea walker. Of course, there is an additional charge for the picture and video.

When you walk on the sea, this is not as easy as walking on the land. While walking on the sea floor, members need to maintain body balance, and you can use the pipeline by holding to it while you are walking on the sea floor. Marine walk Bali will take about 30 minutes underwater. Your comfort and safety get full attentions during Bali marine walk event. Bali ocean walker equipment meets international standards safety. Professional guides trained and experienced in sea walker action will be happy to accompany you during marine walk Bali. You do not need to have swimming skills or diving skills to have sea walking Bali. Starting at age 10 and above can try Bali sea walker.


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