Taman Nusa Cultural Park

Explore Indonesia In One Place

You want to go around Indonesia and know the cultures at once? If yes, then you must come visit the Taman Nusa Cultural Park in Bali. Here you can learn more about Indonesia because Taman Nusa Cultural Park presenting the multiple ethnic and cultures of Indonesia . It’s an exciting opportunity to learn about the various ethnicities and cultures that exist in Indonesia in one place isn’t it?


Taman Nusa is built on a cliff and along the Melangit River, with views of the mountains and with an area about 15 hectares. Taman Nusa will bring you to explore throughout Indonesia with each cultures as well as the story of the cultures and ethnics. Here, you will find the cultures as well as the traditional houses of ethnics in Indonesia. And there are also buildings that are miniature of the kingdom era in Indonesia and also the period of independence of Indonesia. This place is suitable as a place for education to learn about Indonesia.


Taman Nusa Cultural Park is located in Sidan Village, Gianyar Regency, Bali. This place is a nice place to visit with your family. So, are you interested to learn about Indonesia? If you are interested, you can contact the local travel company in Bali to go to Taman Nusa Cultural Park. We advise you to contact Bali Star Island as a reliable travel company on the island of Bali.


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