Suluban Beach (Blue Point Beach) Bali – Beautiful Beach Under the Cliff

Blue Point Beach or Suluban Uluwatu beach is a beach with steep cliffs and large waves. Blue Point Beach Bali is more suitable for a place for hobby sports surfing air therefore if you vacation to the Blue Point beach, you will see more Caucasians than domestic tourists. Continue reading “Suluban Beach (Blue Point Beach) Bali – Beautiful Beach Under the Cliff”


Bali Butterfly Park, Alternative Educational Tour in Bali

Bali Butterfly Garden or better known as Bali Butterfly Park is a conservation facility of butterflies and insects that collect various types of butterflies on an area of approximately one hectare. Bali Butterfly Park is also claimed to be the largest butterfly park in Asia. Continue reading “Bali Butterfly Park, Alternative Educational Tour in Bali”

Petulu Village Ubud

The Village of The Heron Birds Colonies

petulu village, kokokan village, heron village, ubud

Petulu Village that called as Kokokan Village or Heron Village by the peoples is a unique village in Ubud where thousands of Heron Birds live in this village. The village is located in the north west of Ubud, and it is approximately about 1 hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Continue reading “Petulu Village Ubud”

Bajra Sandhi Monument

The Monument of Balinese Peoples Struggle

Bajra Sandhi is the monument of Balinese Peoples Struggle that located in the center of Denpasar City, right in front of Bali’s Governor Office. This monument was built in 1987 and opened on 14 June 2013 by Indonesia’s president at that time, Megawati Sukarno Putri. The purpose of this monument is to immortalize the soul and spirit of Balinese People struggle, and also protecting, developing and preserving the Balinese culture to be passed on to the next generation. Continue reading “Bajra Sandhi Monument”

Virgin Beach

The Wonderful White Sand Beach To Relax

In Bali you can find the beautiful nature, the sacred tradition & cultures, delicious foods, peace and friendly peoples. That’s what make a lot of tourist enjoy spending their holiday in Bali. And you know that Bali is an island that dominated by beautiful and exotic beaches, and one of them is Virgin Beach that located in Karangasem in the East Bali. Continue reading “Virgin Beach”

Taman Nusa Cultural Park

Explore Indonesia In One Place

You want to go around Indonesia and know the cultures at once? If yes, then you must come visit the Taman Nusa Cultural Park in Bali. Here you can learn more about Indonesia because Taman Nusa Cultural Park presenting the multiple ethnic and cultures of Indonesia . It’s an exciting opportunity to learn about the various ethnicities and cultures that exist in Indonesia in one place isn’t it? Continue reading “Taman Nusa Cultural Park”