Kintamani Dog – The Balinese Friendly Pet

Bali is the most popular tourist destination in the world. The island is completed with unique culture, amazing panorama of nature, sensational food, amazing Balinese Traditional dance and an endemic dog. It’s call Kintamani. The Kintamani was taken from named Balinese town of Kintamani. Kintamani dogs can be found in Sukawana, Kintamani, Bali. It is a spitz dog breed from the island of Bali. This dog is friendly, medium-sized dogs with erect ears and long fur is popular pets in Indonesia. Continue reading “Kintamani Dog – The Balinese Friendly Pet”


Bali and Beyond Travel Fair | Where the World Comes to Meet

Hello from Bali all my friends! Hope you have a wonderful day. If talking about Bali there much of destination and the unique culture tradition. Well, beside that Bali also good place for held event, so today I would like to inform to you one of the big event held in Bali. Here is it!

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Bali Nominated in Pesona Indonesia Award

Hello from Bali Guys! I talking about Indonesia and especially Bali there are some the beautiful nature and unique culture you can see. That’s why the tourist enjoy to come to this island of thousand temple. So, Bali which the beautiful scenery of beaches and most of beach in Bali there are spot for water sport. Here today I would like to inform to you traveler the good news for who love the beaches in Bali. Here is it!

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Good News from Indonesia for Foreigner

Hello guys! Hope you have wonderful day. Good news from Indonesia! Indonesia has giving free visa for 169 countries. The president of Indonesia Joko Widodo has signed President Regulation no 21 of 2016 concerning Visit Visa Exemption on March 2, 2016. Passport holders of certain countries in the regulation are exempt for having a visa to enter Indonesia. The visa exemption is valid only for 30 days, non-extendable or convertible into another kind of stay permit.

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A Pile of The Remains of The 14th Century Temple

Bali has many tourist destinations, as well known the nature, unique tradition, and the ancient building. Except the beautiful view, Bali also has the beautiful architecture of the building and the temple. Most of the building were built from the old year and had much history can tell. Well, today I would like to inform you about the founding archaeologists building in Bali. Here is it!

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Fire Monkey in The Year

Chinese New Year calendar (China) or Lunar New Year will enter the year 2567 on February 8, 2016 and runs until January 27, 2017. By doing so, as reported from various sources, such as jsurya, astroshiopedia,, until misteripedia. Then the alias zodiac zodiac applicable to the lunar year 2567 according to the Chinese astrological calculations is the monkey with the fire element.

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Children in Bali Preserve the Tradition and Culture

Holiday in Bali are wonderful. Bali has many unique thing such as: the culture, tradition and their social community. Today I would like to inform you if you’re Holiday or want to holiday in Bali there are the event you have to see here. The event call “ngelawang”. Ngelawang is one of the traditions had in the village. Here are the details:

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