Aling-Aling Waterfall

Cliff Jumping And Slide In Aling-Aling Waterfall That You Must Try!

Want to enjoy the fresh waterfall and try a challenging activities at the same time? If yes, then you must come to Aling-Aling Waterfall. This waterfall is one of the famous Waterfall in Bali which became one of the tourists favorite destination. Aling-Aling Waterfall has a interesting activity for the tourists who like an adventurous and challenging activities. Continue reading “Aling-Aling Waterfall”


Timbis Beach


Do you like challenging activities? Then you should try Paragliding activity in Timbis Beach. Timbis Beach is a paradise for Paragliding activities in Bali. You will see the beautiful scenery when you’re flying in the air while trying this activity. Continue reading “Timbis Beach”

Paluang Temple – Balinese Unique Temple


Besides of its natures and cultures, Bali is also famous for its stunning architecture, especially the architecture on the temples in Bali. Bali is called Island Of The Thousands Temples because majority of Balinese peoples is Hindu. In Nusa Penida, Bali there is one temple that has its own uniqueness, it’s called Pura Paluang or well-known as Car Temple. Continue reading “Paluang Temple – Balinese Unique Temple”

Bali Shell Museum – Learning Marine Life

Hello Bali traveler! Hope you have a wonderful day. It is great day to tell about one of Bali new famous tourist Attraction. Bali! If talking about Bali, we can image the beautiful nature and awesome culture and tradition. Well, beside that Bali offer the unique and historical places to visit in Bali. Bali also has many interesting place  and one of them is Bali Shell Museum. Continue reading “Bali Shell Museum – Learning Marine Life”

Felling Sensation Walking in Sea

Bali ocean walker or commonly called Seawalker or Bali marine walk is one of the best water activities in Bali, since 2010 this watersport activities has been available at Benoa Bay. If you are interested with water sport the best spot is Benoa Bay at Nusa Dua-Bali. Benoa Bay offer a nice water and a gentle wave, which is very suitable for sea walker activities, especially in the morning, due to the air is fresh in the morning and the sun also not too hot, to get to Benoa Bay you will need about 15 minutes driving from Ngurah Rai Airport, the locations of Benoa Bay is near with Nusa dua Resort Area which is the center of hospitality industry. Continue reading “Felling Sensation Walking in Sea”

Bali Beautiful 3 Twins Waterfall

Pucak Manik Waterfall is the amazing waterfall with 3 twins waterfalls situated the tranquility of valley in Singaraja, north part of Bali. It offers the amazing panoramic view of 3 twins waterfalls surrounded by green jungle with fresh atmosphere. This waterfall becomes a special tourist place to be visited and can be equated with the beauty of other popular places in Singaraja, especially for those of you who love adventure activity, of course this tourist attraction will be next you’re the destination. We suggest to wear the short pant and T-shirt when visiting this waterfall Continue reading “Bali Beautiful 3 Twins Waterfall”

Three-Colored Lake

Enjoying Awesome Panorama of Amazing Three-Colored Lake in Flores

Mount Kelimutu is a volcano in Flores, one of the many volcanoes of Indonesia. The highest peak here is the Mount Kelibara of 1731m tall. Flores Island is one of beautiful island in Indonesia and a part of Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. Continue reading “Three-Colored Lake”