Balinese Special Food

Trying Balinese Authentic Food in Galungan Day

Galungan is one of Hindus ceremony to remind the human as ritual and spiritual to always winning Dewi Sampad to uphold dharma against adharma. The conclusion of Galungan is a victory of dharma (goodness) against adharma (badness). Balinese people will make some delicious food, such as Continue reading “Balinese Special Food”

Entil – Balinese Savory Food

Balinese Special Food when Celebrate Nyepi Day

As we know Bali is Paradise Island which has many awesome culture and tourist destination. Beside of that, Bali offers many delicious traditional foods. If you visit Pupuan Village in Tabanan Regency, you should try delicious food, it called Entil. This is the typical food of Pupuan Village. Continue reading “Entil – Balinese Savory Food”

Balinese Lawar

The Unique Philosophy of Lawar that You Must Know

Lawar is typical cuisine from Bali that generally made of grated coconut mixed with minced meat, Balinese typical seasoning, and of course half-cooked blood. The meat added to Lawar usually pork or chicken. Lawar is required foods that must exist in every Bali’s culture ceremony. Continue reading “Balinese Lawar”

Tipat Blayag

Trying the Sensation Savory and Spicy Balinese Food

If you visit to Buleleng, you must try delicious local food Blayag. Blayad is made from rice wrapped in coconut leaf and cooked for 5-6 hours.It cooked on Balinese traditional stove (cangkem paon) and makes this food is very savory.The shape of this food is as similar as Bantal but Blayag is bigger than Bantal. Continue reading “Tipat Blayag”

Molenteng Hill

Enjoying the Molenteng Hill “Raja Ampat” of Nusa Penida

Everybody knows Bali, the best tourist destination in the world. Bali offers the beautiful beaches, amazing panorama, unique cultures, delicious traditional food and many more. But if you often visit to Bali, maybe you need something “new “in your experience. You must explore the Melenteng Hill. Continue reading “Molenteng Hill”